Degustation-Presentation La Réserve

18th of January 2018

The game is the best way to unite people! And if you combine the intellectual game with the presentation of hotels and wine tasting, it turns out an unusually gambling competition between the two teams of tourism professionals — an intellectual game «What? Where? Wine!».

The representatives of top Moscow travel agencies accepted with pleasure our invitation and came in Kaudal wine boutique. The atmosphere of this charming, an unusually beautifully designed boutique perfectly matched the spirit of the collection of La Réserve. Guests of the evening were able to learn a lot about hotels, villas, La Réserve spa centers, but also about the unique castle that is also part of the group – La Chartreuse. The castle is located in the French region of Bordeaux, and here is the best wine of Saint Estephe — Cos d’Estournel.

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